What is Divorce Mediation?
Mediation presents the opportunity for both parties to work together in a conciliatory fashion to settle outstanding issues related to the divorce. The parties don't have to be in agreement to get started, but the goal of mediation is to settle disputed issues prior to going to court. Mediation allows the parties to fashion a divorce agreement that is tailored to their particular set of circumstances, rather than having these personal decisions made by a judge.

Why Mediate?
The primary intent of mediation is to come to agreement on divorce-related issues and craft an agreement acceptable to the parties and the court. Through the process, however, parties often:

• Develop better communication skills
• Save time and money
• Better understand the stressors that have and may continue to challenge the relationship
• Work together to resolve future conflict
• Improve their cooperative parenting efforts
• Resolve their personal issues privately instead of in open court

How does Divorce Mediation work?
The parties meet with the mediator over a series of sessions to identify the issues they don't agree on, explore options and finalize the resolution. The mediator will draft a separation agreement to present to the court and assist in completing the other documents necessary to comply with filing requirements. The parties attend the scheduled court hearing to discuss the agreement with the judge and once approved by the court, the divorce is final 120 days from the hearing date.

Where do we meet?
Generally, mediation services are provided at Attorney Holdsworth’s office, but in some instances mediation can be arranged at clients’ homes or other mutually agreed upon locations.

How do we get started?
Simply call or e-mail Attorney Holdsworth to dicsuss whether mediation is right for you.



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